Living in the Land of Why

Living in the land of why
There are a large number of people who live in a perilous place called the land of why. I know, because I lived in that place for far too long now. I have pleaded in the dark hours of the night wrestling in the land of why. I have spent many moments, hours and wasted thoughts in that forsaken barren land. The land of why is often barren of answers. It is void of value and will drain the joy, the fruit from your life. I know because I have lived there for far too long.

My journey to the land of why started with a trip to the doctor and a diagnosis I dreaded. I knew the answer before the doctor spoke and perhaps that’s what made it so difficult. The moment the doctor confirmed the suspicions about my son and his diagnosis of autism. I remember it well, the day I entered the land of why.

I am a man of faith. Sometimes faith is simple and other times profound. Trust me, simple faith causes far less frustrations. In my faith, I asked a simple question: why? Why did this happen to my son? Why did this happen to my family? Why did nothing seem to make sense? Why was I left to wrestle with thoughts and emotions that left me empty? Why? Why? Why? I wrestled with God in the valley of doubt, nestled in the barren land of why.

The land of why is a place of constant questions and little answers. It is a place where life seems to laugh at your conventional wisdom. It is a place when your emotional strength is worthless. The land of why does nothing, if it does not drain you of life itself. No you do not die, at least not physically. You die with each nagging question, with each sleepless night and each chaotic day. The land of why robs you of genuine life and leaves settling for mere existence. I know because I have lived there for far too long.

No my questions are not all answered. I wish I could say they were. I wish I could say that I have some profound wisdom to share with you. There comes a point that you must stop asking the simple question why? It will consume you. Trust me I know because I’ve been there and honestly I’ve wasted way too much time in land of why. Sometimes we have accept that which we cannot understand. Sometimes we have to let go of the nagging question of why. There are far greater questions to ask.

Where do we go from here? There is a new journey to embrace and a new land to be entered.
How do we defeat this foe? There is a new spirit that lets us know we will not be defeated.
What can we do for others? Our greatest strength is found when we help others

The time has come to leave the barren land of why and enter the never ending open spaces of hope. Hope will lift us to new place and new heights. I know because that is where I am. Leave the why behind and enter the land of hope.

When I am tempted to re-enter the land of why, this is one of the many different things I read.

What Does Hope Do?
Hope shines brightest when the hour is darkest.
Hope motivates when discouragement comes.
Hope energizes when the body is tired.
Hope sweetens while bitterness bites.
Hope sings when all melodies are gone.
Hope believes when evidence is eliminated.
Hope listens for answers when no one is talking.
Hope climbs over obstacles when no one is helping.
Hope endures hardship when no one is caring.
Hope smiles confidently when no one is laughing.
Hope reaches for answers when no one is asking.
Hope presses toward victory when no one is encouraging.
Hope dares to give when no one is sharing.
Hope brings the victory when no one is winning.
John Maxwell


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