The Extraordinary Measure of Ordinary Moments

Each day in our house is a new adventure or possibly a new ordeal depending on your point of view. Each day is an opportunity to see the way my life is richly blessed. No each day is not extraordinary, at least not in the standard ways that some might consider. Nothing in my home is ordinary. Each day we deal with the realities of autism. Each day we draw one step closer to finding our way out of autism. No we will never be beyond the realities of the disorder but each day we take a step closer to an ordinary life.

Our ordinary is often extraordinary. Our son Samuel deals with the daily struggles of autism. Just this week we discovered some ordinary moments that were simply extraordinary.

Samuel had his first verbal fight with his older sister. He told her to shut up, an amazing feat for a boy who can barely speak. I think we might be the only parents on earth that celebrate when their son tells someone to shut up.

Samuel spent solid time working on his IPad independently. Again a major feat when just a few months ago the goal for therapy was for him to do something independent for five minutes.

While these things might not seem spectacular, I assure they are nothing short of extraordinary. When the ordinary seems impossible, those moments become extraordinary. Those moments move beyond the realm of the everyday. It is my sure and sincere hope that extraordinary becomes our new ordinary. Each day is an amazing gift that holds new challenges and sometimes heartaches and heartbreaks. Nonetheless, they are still filled with the possibility and the hope of something that touches the edge of extraordinary.

When your days seem ordinary, when those moments seem boring, relish them. Treasure each of your ordinary moments because it is in the ordinary moments that we uncover or maybe rediscover the reality of the extraordinary. Never forget that each and every day is one more blessing under your belt.

Here’s hoping that your next ordinary day is extraordinary

Papa D


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