A New Twist

A new twist to the unfolding drama of the Animals for Autism Pepsi Refresh fiasco happened today.  The Facebook page for Animals for Autism disappeared sometime late morning or early afternoon. If there is nothing to hide, why pull the page down? Well this is the second time that the page has gone off the grid. The first happened after Mike Brooks ran his story on the situation in early January. WICS, an ABC affiliate in Springfield IL, broke the story locally after interviewing some of the families impacted by the grant on the phone. Attempts were made to connect with Ms. Kaydus but she refused to be interviewed on camera. The removal of the Facebook page today is the answer from Animals for Autism and Lea Kaydus. We are not going to get one of our concerns answered and the attempt to ignore the families is going to continue.

As the story continues, we still have not heard anything more from Pepsi or Global Giving regarding the requests from the families. These were not unreasonable requests. In fact, many of these requests have been active since August 2011. All are still falling on deaf ears. I think such behavior is nothing short of heartless to families who are in need.

I will not go through the whole post from yesterday and all of the things that have happened to the families involved. Here is a link to that previous post. https://autismpapa.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/despicable-nothing-but-despicable/

The fact still remains that the concerns of the families are being completely ignored and that is nothing but despicable behavior from people who should know better. I am calling on good people from across this great nation to stand up for what is right and what is decent. Children are helpless and innocent. I should remind you that these actions are against children who have special needs. Can you imagine anything more shameful? These are huge corporations that are stealing from special needs children.

I am calling on good people to rise up in their sense of moral outrage. Now is the time to stand up for helpless children in special needs circumstances. Now is the time to speak up for those who have no voice. Join me in refusing to continue to support Pepsi. I am refusing to buy any Pepsi products between now and the Super Bowl.

Here is what you can do to help these families:

1.) Call Pepsi and Global Giving and express your distaste. Here are the phone numbers Pepsi: Consumer Response Team at 800-433-2652 and Global Giving 202-232-5784 e-mail: Linda Shaffer Oatley Senior Manager Pepsi Refresh Project lshaffer@globalgiving.com   (I found this e-mail on the website, it is not private)

2.) Stop purchasing Pepsi products. This week is the Super Bowl; why not celebrate the big game with Coke instead of Pepsi? Frito Lay is also owned by Pepsi. Maybe a different snack food could be just as good if not better. There is nothing like the taste of righting a wrong.

3.) Help spread the word.

Please take just a moment to spread the word along to others. 

Thank you in advance for your support, for your compassion and for your future action.

Papa D


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