Who’s Lying Now?

Don’t you hate when people lie to you? There seems to be a trend in our society that makes it acceptable to lie and deceive people. Morality aside, it just seems like the right thing to do. I hate being lied to. All of this leads me to the ongoing story of the Pepsi Pup families.

One year ago, Animals for Autism laid out an incredible offer and an incredible hope. The organization was giving away a free service dog for a child with autism. Numerous families applied and a grantee was selected. The organization then offered a dramatically discounted price for families still interested in receiving a dog. Again grateful families got on board, began raising funds and assisted the organization with receiving a grant from Pepsi to help cover the cost of the service dogs.

Through the efforts of many different people Animals for Autism won the grant to give away ten free service dogs. The families were elated to learn that their dogs were all being paid for by the generosity of Pepsi. Again, it seemed like a miracle and everything would work out splendid. All things being equal, the whole situation seemed like a dream come true for some families to get some much needed help.

Only one small problem, there were no dogs. Animals for Autism sent pictures to all of the families of their service dog in training. The pictures looked great but after closer examination, the pictures were old. The dogs were supposedly born in the Spring of 2011 but the pictures show dates prior to 2011. The pictures were faked. Does this sound truthful? I think not, it sounds like a big fat lie!

Global Giving, grant administrator for Pepsi, visited the site and stated that there were indeed dogs on site. In one interview, the count was 20 dogs on site being trained. I spoke with Illinois Animal Control about the situation. The investigator discovered that Animals for Autism only has a total of eight dogs. This figure includes breeding animals. How in the world could the organization train ten service dogs when they only have eight on site? The answer is that they can’t.

Someone is lying somewhere. Global Giving claims that there are 20 dogs, Animals for Autism claims they have only eight dogs. Both figures cannot be correct. Either Animals for Autism is lying or Global Giving is lying. Maybe, just maybe, they are both lying to cover their backsides. It’s just a thought.


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