It’s Still Despicable

Despicable, it’s a word that I don’t like to use. It has a certain air of filth with it. Despicable, the sound of the word breeds contempt for something or someone. Unfortunately, I still find myself using this word. I wish I didn’t have to do so but it seems to fit. After all filthy behavior deserves a word that seems filthy and there is plenty of filth to go around. Let me make my case a little here.

Lea Kaydus and Animals for Autism

Ms. Kaydus started with supposedly good intentions. She offered service dogs for autistic children. According to Monica Eng, Attorney General Lisa Madigan called Lea Kaydus a “Heartless Scam.” This is totally and absolutely despicable.


Ms. Kaydus used the families of autistic children to further her bid for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi. The families were more than willing to help and many did. The reality is that Ms. Kaydus was nothing more than a heartless scam. She used our children to get that grant money. It is enough to make my stomach turn. Ms. Kaydus, have you no shame? Using our autistic children to get monetary gain is completely despicable!  


Ms. Kaydus had been raising funds on behalf of the children to help pay for their dogs. The only problem is that she never released giving statements and refused to tell us about all of the funds raised. Our family had hundreds and hundreds of dollars in donations that were never reported to us. Ms. Kaydus obviously was planning on keeping that money. I think that qualifies as despicable, don’t you?


Ms. Kaydus promised service dogs to 13 families for the Spring of 2012. Did even one family get a service dog? No, not one. None of the families impacted by this got what they were promised. Even though the original grant on the Pepsi website was for the training of service dogs. I want to know if Pepsi is still honored to work with Ms. Kaydus? Nothing but despicable.


Topping all of this off, Pepsi is going to allow Ms. Kaydus to keep the $50,000 from the Refresh Grant, even though not one service dog was delivered to any of the families. Do I have to say what I’m thinking?


Global Giving

Global Giving was the grand administrator for the Pepsi Refresh Grant. They administered the funding and cleared each project. These were the people who represented Pepsi’s interests by working with the designee. Global Giving told a Florida reporter that they saw twenty dogs in training when they visited the site. A few weeks later, I received a call from the Illinois Department of Animal Welfare informing me that Lea Kaydus only claimed to have eight dogs on site. Someone is obviously covering their backside. How can there be twenty dogs in training, if the Kaydus family only has eight dogs? I’m thinking of a word maybe you can guess it.


Ms. Kaydus, Pepsi and Global Giving, your behavior is nothing but despicable. You have lied repeatedly about the situation and still you are hiding the truth. Pepsi and Global Giving are hiding behind the official statement of no comment. Are you kidding me? Silence speaks louder than words. You may never face a courtroom but in the court of public opinion you are guilty as sin. If you agree that this is despicable, drink Coke.


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